Refrigerator and Freezer Warehouse

Refrigerated Warehouse in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

We are one of the few to provide refrigerated warehouse or freezer warehouse in KL, Malaysia. Our refrigerated warehouse is HACCP certified cold chain logistics facility. Equipped with various features like palletainers, storage racking systems, and covered loading platforms, managing your business in KL and Malaysia is always easy with us. 
Other than food storage purposes, our refrigerated warehouse facilities in KL, Malaysia are also good for preservation of medicines and raw materials. We have ensured that our refrigerated warehouse is able to keep your inventory for you. Our storehouses are also managed by logistic experts who can help you deposit and re-order easily. 

Freezer Warehouse - leave your goods without worries in KL, Malaysia

As mentioned before, our freezer warehouse in KL, Malaysia stores a broad range of temperature-controlled like foods and pharmaceuticals. Our multi-temperature freezer warehouse and refrigeration services in KL are managed by professionals in the logistics and distribution fields. Different types of cold goods are accommodated by respective procedures and setting to keep the goods in top condition. We assure our clients that their goods are always safe in the hands of these experts.
Our freezer warehouse in KL, Malaysia has excellent security system and personnel assigned to the facilities. With the facilities sensitive to your goods, we are the perfect choice for your temperature-controlled products.